how to make kufi hat

How to Make Kufi Prayer Cap USA 2021 – Best Tutorial

How to Make Kufi Prayer Cap: A kupi cap is a very popular hat. It is an attractive product of sophisticated quality handmade and machine-made. The kufi cap is traditionally worn by Islamic African men, but it can also be seen on the heads of men and women in cultures all over the world. Many non-African westerners wear the scarf, also known as a Hausa hat, as a fashion accessory. how to make kufi prayer cap.

Some kufi caps are made of wool, but the majority are made of dense, embroidered fabrics that are sewn together. Design your unique kufi cap to wear as a fashion statement or as a religious or cultural symbol. So, don’t worry I will show in this post how to make prayer kufi cap

how to make kufi hat

A quarter yard of cotton, an eighth of fur or silk or something soft, and an eighth of the outer fabric are everything you’ll need. These may be the same, but the comparison is appealing to me. I recycle scraps from previous projects. how to make kufi prayer cap.

At its widest point, measure the circumference of your head. This calculation will be referred to as H. Cut a rectangle H plus 1.5 inches long and 6 or 7 inches wide from either of your two fabrics (depending on how big your head is). These would be the hat’s sides.

For the crown, cut an oval shape that’s H + 2 inches around, or thereabouts (don’t go much smaller than this). I made a paper pattern by folding a piece of paper in quarters, then cut a line about (H + 2) / 4 inches long (see pic). Cut this out of your outer fabric.

Step 2. Construct the Sides

how to make kufi hat

To make two fabric rings, sew the long strips together end to end. I didn’t want to wait for the iron to heat up before ironing the flattened seam of the outer one, so I zigzagged over it.

Place one right-side-out within the other so that the right sides are together. It’s nice to have the seams line up, but it’s not necessary. Stitch around the long edge, pinning if desired. how to make kufi prayer cap.

Now turn it right-side out and fold the seam to the inside. At this point, I find it useful to stitch the other long edge together. This time, the opposing sides are paired up.

Step 3. Attach the Crown

how to make kufi hat

The crown must be attached in the final move. Since you’re sewing a fairly curved piece to a straight one, this is the only tricky component. The key is to align it correctly and take it slowly.

Find the quarter gap along both edges and mark it with pins. Place a pin opposite the seam on the side piece, then fold so the two points intersect and pin at the two-fold points. how to make kufi prayer cap.

Fold the piece in half along each of the two axes in exchange for the crown, and pin at the folds.

At each of the quarter points, pin the two parts together. The crown should be upside down and the sides should be inside out (soft cloth on the outside).

Sew around the edge on the line you sewed the two sides together along, with the hat sides underneath and the crown on top. Make sure the pins keep the pieces aligned, and avoid getting a fold of the piece underneath stuck in the stitching. Depending on how well the lengths match up, you may need to make a smaller or larger seam allowance on the crown, or you may need to extend the diagonal bits a little. All is fine; it will not be visible from the outside.

Step 4. Edge Stitch and Turn

how to make kufi prayer cap

Finally, to prevent the crown/side seam from raveling, run a zigzag stitch around the edge. It’s even better if you have a serger. how to make kufi prayer cap.

We finally learned that how to make kufi prayer cap.

FAQ on How to Make Kufi Prayer Cap

What Is a Kufi Hat?

A kufi, also known as a kufi hat, is a brimless, short, rounded cap worn by men in North Africa, East Africa, Western Africa, and South Asia. It is also worn by men all over Africa and the diaspora. In the Indian subcontinent, it’s also known as a “topi” or “tupi.”

What is the significance of a kufi?

Many older men wear kufis on a daily basis to reflect their position as wise elders, religious leaders, or family patriarchs. It has been associated with people of West African ancestry in the United States, who wear it to display pride in their community, history, and faith.

Where to buy kufi hats?

Kufi hats are available for purchase on the Amazon website. Check out our most recent article on the top ten kufi hats. how to make kufi prayer cap.

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